Engineering Services

 Condition monitoring
Condition Monitoring is the evaluation of operational robustness of gas Turbines. It is used to monitor the reliability and efficiency in addition to implications of improvement factors. Providing user data performances and statistics in determined periods of time (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) is just one of the many provisional precedence’s.
Analyzation results are provided in order to differentiate between good and bad states of the turbine.

Sophisticated Diagnostics:
Overall Monitoring of the Turbines health state with maximum efficiency to improve the lifetime of Engine Components via fault pattern detection techniques as well as performance prediction to prevent unprecedented failures this increases work quality dramatically.
Performance Models:
In order to pertain reliability, some specific tests are conducted on a steady state base model during Overhaul of the Ga Turbine. meaning the models are based on accurate dimensional measurements and other properties also calculations are executed to evaluate performance of the model.

Vibration Diagnostics:
Measurement of vibrations are vital in order for surveillance of air to fuel ratios. Track Orders are implicated for amplitude measurements via narrow frequency bands. Central Fundamental Track orders are utilized for rotary parts, eg. Shafts. Analysis is conducted with complex algorithms via special quadratic programmed machines.

Borescope Facilities:
Outlooking the inner parts and condition of the Turbine with high quality images and high coverage area, to avoid any damages.

Replaying of data:
Analytical repetition in the form of an automation in order to interpret results more effectively thus discover anomalies and other defects with better time productivity and a dramatically reduced margin of error.

Field Support
Introduction: Kian Turbo Tec employs a wide range engineering services such as Installation, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning services in addition to Mechanical Integrity with proper instrumentation, professional quality control and state of the art control systems with stimulation delivery of 72 hours temporary run time.
Our staff of experienced commissioning field engineers, technical advisers and project managers can ensure the delivery of the turbine package to the client.


Remote access:
Monitorization of turbines from anywhere in the world to always scan for any turbine-related anomalies. Improvement of performance and maintainability and a decreased risk factor which comes from operational assessment reports.

Reverse Engineering.

Point Cloud Processing: In result of complex Design process of Gas Turbine Parts any errors in geometrical designs would ultimately result in Turbine Failure or a shortened life span in the best-case scenario. Therefore , 3D laser scanning is used to precisely replicate and engineer critical Turbine parts such as Blades.
CAD/CAM Systems & Software’s: Here in Kian Turbo Tec, we have devoted a professional engineering team to manufacture and reverse engineer designs that have been received over Point Cloud processing, via CAD & CAM and technical engineering design software’s.


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