Rotor Overhaul Services

Individual wheel balancing:
Specification of any inconsistent weight distribution around the diameter of the rotor. Here in Kian Tec our field balancing capabilities include single and multi-plane balancing.

Rotor re-blade:
Inspection and Reparation of all Rotor Blades with appropriate


Rotor re-assembly:
All parts that were de-montaged (disassembled), repaired, renewed balanced and other maintenance processes that were performed will now be assembled with the same performance standards that were used for disassembly.

Rotor balance and run-outs:
Final Runouts are conducted so as to maximize efficiency and minimize vibrations, resonance and noise. Here in Kian Turbo Tec, we use the latest balancing solutions provided by SCHENCK according to ISO1940 standards to ensure the best results.

Comprehensive customer reports:
In order to meet customer expectations detailed full professional reports are prepared that indicates our step-by-step methods with accurate and need to know descriptions.

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