solar gas turbine

solar gas turbine , Among renewable energies, the sun, as an endless source of energy, has always been in the focus of researchers.

The use of solar radiation energy in conventional power generation systems. such as gas turbines can play an important role in reducing fuel consumption and environmental pollution. On the other hand, this issue increases the efficiency of the desired cycles and improves their performance.

gas turbine efficiency are among the equipment that are widely used to generate power in power plants and refineries. Therefore, increasing the efficiency of gas turbines, which is one of the main power generation cycles, is of particular importance.

Iran has a high potential for using solar energy in power generation systems due to its abundant sunny areas. Solar gas turbine is one of the power generation systems that has been highly regarded by researchers and scholars in recent years.

In these systems, the solar thermal energy is used to preheat the air and the fuel entering the combustion chamber of the gas turbine cycle. The results show that the use of these systems can increase efficiency, save energy, reduce pollution from fossil fuels and ultimately reduce the costs associated with energy production.
Solar gas turbine

Solar energy

Solar energy can be applied to the compressor outlet before the combustion chamber or if it exists before the regenerator.
As the intensity of solar radiation increases,. the electrical efficiency of the system increases and the maximum electrical efficiency occurs at lower pressure ratios. On the other hand, studies show that increasing the operating pressure of the system and the temperature of the inlet gases to the turbine. despite increasing the efficiency and net production power in the system. always causes the energy rate to be wasted and destroyed. resulting in an irreversible rate.

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