Gas Turbine efficiency

Gas Turbine efficiency , Gas turbines are among the equipment that are widely used to generate power in power plants and refineries. Therefore, increasing the efficiency of gas turbines, which is one of the main power generation cycles, is of particular importance.

Gas Turbine efficiency

The study of the performance of gas turbines for its optimal operation has become of special importance in research centers around the world today.

Due to the fact that the fluid flow in gas turbines has a high speed and temperature, so the performance of the device is very sensitive to various parameters.

This sensitivity requires that the performance of the gas turbine be carefully evaluated in order to increase efficiency (reduce fuel consumption), increase component life, and reduce environmental pollution. In this project, a real sample has been studied.

Gas Turbines

Each gas turbine has a compressor to compress the air, a combustion chamber to mix the fuel with the air and its combustion. and a turbine to convert the internal energies of the hot, high-pressure gases into mechanical energy. Part of the mechanical energy produced in the turbine is used in the compression of the gas turbine compressor. and the rest of the energy produced, depending on the intended use for the gas turbine. may cause the electric generator (turbogenerator) to spin in accelerating the air. Role (turbofen and turbojet) or consumed directly in the same production (turbofen, turboprop and turboshaft).

The optimization of steam power plants with fossil fuels is being considered all over the world in order to increase the final production of power. There are different solutions to increase the efficiency of existing power plants using gas turbines. The choice of the optimal solution is based on the size and technical conditions of the existing power plant on the one hand. and on profitability and economic efficiency indicators on the other hand.

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