Gas Turbine Service Companies

Gas Turbine Service Companies , Kian turbo tec Company manufactures a wide range of industrial gas turbine components to meet the challenging needs of the oil and gas industry and power generation, including nozzles, blades, complete rotors and complete turbines.

Kian Company has extensive experience and offers comprehensive production solutions for these products in its workshop. When you deliver your equipment to our factory for repair, we will do all the repairs needed to restore integrity and without any mechanical defects.

Gas turbine components are in fact a rotating internal combustion engine from the family of turbomachines, which is known in the public mind as the most widely used aircraft jet engine.

The Gas Turbine Efficiency works by igniting the difference between compressed air and fuel and passing the product through a series of rotating disks of the turbine, which causes the rotational power of a shaft or creates a driving reaction force or a combination of these two phenomena.

Gas Turbine

Quantitative goals:

1. Utilizing superior technologies
2. Managing development costs
3. Providing support services
4. Training the technologies desired by the company

Qualitative goals:

1. Customer satisfaction
2. Product promotion
3. Cost optimization
4. Increased operational capacity

We offer a full range of overhaul services such as no equipment planning in service, safety planning, inspection, overhaul, full-time engineering technical support, project management and parts supply.

Job descriptions requested by the customer may include minor repairs to separate static and rotating assemblies or zero time overhaul of gas turbines. Decisions about replacement parts and the implementation of repair plans can be continuously controlled by our customers.

Kian Company is one of the best providers of gas turbines.

Our services include the following:

Installation, Setting up,  Complete overhaul, Inspect the whole,  package, Combustion chamber inspections.
Hot gas route inspections, Electrical equipment inspections. Manufacture and supply of relevant parts and equipment Correction. and reporting of errors related to wrong startup Field services. and periodic inspections Value control and analysis Balance in place Examination of internal parts and imaging of them (examination of the boroscope) Performance control.

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