Commissioning Gas Turbine

Commissioning Gas Turbine Installing a gas turbine in this power plant, in addition to increasing productivity, will bring many financial benefits by reducing environmental pollution and saving maintenance and support costs.

Because the power of a gas power plant is varied, they are used to supply electricity due to the size of the network; Thus, in small and medium networks, they are used as a base load generator and in large networks as a medium load generator and peak load.

How to start a gas turbine: Different systems can be used to start the initial system of a gas turbine. The design and implementation of a gas turbine start-up system can vary depending on the type of turbine or the client’s order.

Many existing Gas Turbine Overhaul use an electric motor to start the turbine. This electric motor is powered by mains or adjacent units and gradually increases the speed of the gas turbine. When the permissible speed is reached, the fuel valve is opened and the ignition is activated inside the combustion chamber or chambers at the same time. By creating a flame and transferring thermal energy to the turbine, this part begins to produce mechanical work.

Commissioning Gas Turbine

Gas engine power plants today are built from a few hundred kilowatts to two hundred megawatts. The gas plant is placed on the chassis as completely as possible in the factory and then transferred to the installation site. The installation of the gas power plant is very fast and its commissioning speed is very high.

The advantages of the gas power

The advantages of the gas power plant include the simplicity of its turbine and its location on one axis. cheapness due to low equipment, fast installation, fast commissioning, small number of personnel, small and no need for water (except cooling and washing). Low efficiency, environmental pollution and short life. (due to wear of turbines and compressors) are also disadvantages of gas power plants.

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