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Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines , A Gas turbine is a specialized rotating engine that has the ability to extract and produce the desired energy from a fluid.


Kian Turbo Tec Co. LTD is the executor of all overhaul processes of various types of Gas Turbines such as SOLAR, MAN, SULZER, etc. Actually dismounting the Turbine components from the package and the coupled equipment includes the process of overhauling the Turbine in this company, also the repair processes will continue with disassembly of the internal parts. The other outstanding activities of this company include the spare parts supply for compressor blades, Turbine Blades, Sealing Rings, Bearings and all consumable parts of various Gas Turbines.

SOLAR Turbine Overhaul

SOLAR Gas Turbines are a category of medium-sized industrial Turbines that are used for Generator-Compressor or Centrifugal Pumps. Due to the operating conditions of temperatures above 800 degrees Celsius and operating speed of more than 15,000 rpm, high accuracy and sensitivity in the overhaul of this type of Turbine is necessary. All types of mechanical failure such as fatigue, creep, cold and hot corrosions and erosions affect the internal parts of these Turbines, so before installation in the Turbine, all parts that are in the process of construction and repair must be carefully inspected.

Turbine Overhaul

The dismantling of the Turbine at Kian Turbo Tec workshop involves several steps. The first one is related to the Accessory Gearbox of the Turbine (Accessory Drive), the second part is related to the Compressor set including Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV), Stator Blades and the Compressor Rotor. In the following sections, the Turbine components, the Combustion Chamber and finally the Power Turbine components are dismantled.

Turbine Parts Inspection

After dismantling the Turbine, all parts are provided to the Quality Control unit for necessary inspections such as Dimensional Control, Non-Destructive Testing of UT, PT, MT and other analyzes to ensure the accuracy of the parts and materials used to continue the process. The results of the inspections include three processes of Approval, Repair and Supply of goods.

 Sensitive Part Repairs

MAN THM 1304 Turbine Rotor

Kian Turbo Tec. Company performs repair sensitive parts, including Compressor Rotors, with special technology and in accordance with the requirements of international standards, that API is the most important ones. The pictures below show a sample of repairing MAN THM1304 Turbine Rotor on the diameters of Journal Bearing Seat, Seal Areas, by Welding and Coating processes.

 SOLAR- Ruston Gas Turbine Overhaul

Another activity of Kian Turbo Tec. Company is Overhauling Solar Ruston Gas Turbine. In addition to very complex modeling, these Turbines have a special metallurgical structure. Since the correct operation of Turbine Blades is very sensitive, any error in their construction will lead to improper operation of the Turbine and ultimately reduce efficiency or severe damage to other components.

Supplying Sensitive Parts

SOLAR Taurus Gas Turbine

Kian Turbo Tec. is trying to meet as many industrial needs as possible with the aim of supplying and equipping all kinds of sensitive Mechanical and Electronic Components of Gas Turbines. Due to self-sufficiency, supplying all kinds of sensitive parts of SOLAR Taurus Turbine such as stator and rotating Blades in the hot section is another significant activity of this company.

MAN THM 1304 Gas Turbine

Other examples of supplied parts are MAN THM Gas Turbine Compressor statory and rotary Blades. It is worth mentioning that in addition to supplying parts, two of them have been majorly repaired, installed and commissioned in this company.

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