Gas Engine

Gas Engine , Gas Turbine is an internal combustion engine of rotary machines that operates on the energy of combustion gases. It is mainly used in power plants, but helicopter engines, passenger aircraft engines, warplane engines and ship turbine engines are also types of gas turbines.

Advantages of gas turbines Power to weight ratio:  Gas turbines are smaller than reciprocating engines with the same power.

Very low start-up time compared to thermal turbines Less vibration:

Due to moving in one direction, the vibration of gas turbines is less than reciprocating engines. Less moving parts than reciprocating engines. Less lubrication cost

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Gas Engine

Each gas turbine includes a compressor to compress the air, a combustion chamber to mix the air with the fuel and ignite it, and a turbine to convert the internal energy of the hot and compressed gases into mechanical energy.

Part of the mechanical energy produced in the turbine is spent on the self-propelled turbine compressor, and the rest of the energy, depending on the application of the gas turbine, may spin the electric generator (turbogenerator), accelerate the air (turbojet and turbofan) either directly (or after Change). Rotation speed by gearbox) to be used in the same way (Turboshaft, Turboprop and Turbofen).

These turbines are very large and massive and a lot of metals are used in their construction. They are very difficult to maintain and most of the time a group of engineers use these turbines. These turbines have an internal combustion engine In a circular and rotational manner, they convert energy using the excitation of gases. These turbines are used in various industries and machines and their fuel is usually gas.

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