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Solar Turbine

Solar Turbine has been an active agent in the field of industrial power generation for about 65 years. Solar Turbines have manufactured and designed sustainable and innovative products for oil and natural gas production.

SOLAR Taurus Gas Turbine

Kian Turbo Tec. is trying to meet as many industrial needs as possible with the aim of supplying and equipping all kinds of sensitive Mechanical and Electronic Components of Gas Turbines. Due to self-sufficiency, supplying all kinds of sensitive parts of SOLAR Taurus Turbine such as stator and rotating Blades in the hot section is another significant activity of this company.

Solar Turbine Services

Solar Turbine services are comprised of Solar Turbine parts. gas turbine overhaul, gas turbine field service, flexible service agreements, digital solutions, and technical training in addition to remote web based monitoring and predictive diagnostic capabilities .

Many existing Gas Turbine Overhaul use an electric motor to start the turbine. This electric motor is powered by mains or adjacent units and gradually increases the speed of the gas turbine.

Solar Taurus are comprised of Solar Turbine parts, gas turbine overhaul , field service, flexible service agreements, digital solutions. and technical training in addition to remote web based monitoring and predictive diagnostic capabilities.

Where are solar turbines usually located?

Solar turbines are usually located in sunny, dry areas with abundant land available. Some of the places where solar turbines are commonly located include:

Southern California
New Mexico
Saudi Arabia
These areas receive a lot of sunlight throughout the year, which is essential for solar power generation. They also have large, open spaces that are suitable for solar farms.

Solar turbines can also be located in other areas, but they may be less efficient in places with less sunlight or less available land.

Power Generation Modules consist of

  • Package Ventilation Filters
  • Turbine Air Inlet Filters
  • Package Exhaust
  • PGM Core Module
  • Inlet Fans
  • Engine Removal
  • Enclosure Structure
  • Ladders And Platforms
  • EEC and On-skid Control Box
THM Gas Turbines

Combined Heat and Power (CHP Systems)

CHP Systems is for electrical and thermal simultaneous needs. Therefore, taking advantage of two or more energy sources with the price of one. Therefore, rendering the process more cost efficient and thus, more reliant.
CHP systems may be used for producing electricity by burning natural gas, steam productions, or for seasonal cooling processes.


Modular Power Plant Modules consist of

  • Power Generation Module (PGM)
  • Air Filtration & Ventilation Module
  • Exhaust Module
  • Electrical Equipment Module (EEM)
  • Service Air Module
  • Black Start Module
  • Fuel Gas Condition Skid
  • Plant Supervisory Console (PSC)
  • Interconnection

These systems can be installed in a wide variety of facilities including:

  • Colleges / Universities
  • Hospitals / Healthcare Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Commerce Buildings
  • Government Facilities
  • Rural and Electrical Cooperatives

Kian Turbo Tec Services in Regard to Solar Turbines

gas turbine efficiency are among the equipment that are widely used to generate power in power plants and refineries.

Kian Turbo Tec offers a wide variety of services including:
Major Overhaul of Taurus, Centaur and Mars Set Turbines with high efficiency and state of the art technology.
Field services with professional assistance
Solar Turbine parts

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