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THM Gas Turbines

THM Gas Turbines , THM 1304 Heavy Duty Gas Turbine allow easy maintenance and installation thanks to the twin shaft construction. This Turbine is low maintenance because of the technology and materials that have been implicated. This Turbine also has long life major rotating components which guarantee outstanding performance and optimal service best suited for industrial usage. Continuous retrofitting allows new technologies to be integrated into the Turbine.
Emission Regulations are optimal since two combustors. standard diffusion and lean premix are available which limit and control flame temperature with the help of an air by pass system. reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO) significantly. The turbine can be modified for use of Diesel, Kerosene or Methanol Liquid Fuels.

A Gas turbine

is a specialized rotating engine that has the ability to extract and produce the desired energy from a fluid.

Solar Taurus are comprised of Solar Turbine parts, gas turbine overhaul , field service, flexible service agreements, digital solutions. and technical training in addition to remote web based monitoring and predictive diagnostic capabilities.

Gas turbines can be used also for retrofitting existing steam plants by injecting the gas turbine exhaust through the boilers’ coal burners ( hot wind box repowering ), or applying it to partial boiler-feed water heating, thereby allowing more of the steam flow in the steam turbine to expand to condenser pressure instead of being bled for regenerative-feed water heating.

THM 1304 Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Advantages:

THM Gas Turbines , Two members with ISO Power Outputs 10.500 kW and 12,500 kW.

  • Self-Contained Axial Flow Design.
  • Twin Shaft, meaning the Gas Generator and Power Turbine are mechanically independent.
  • Modular Engines for facile dismantling.
  • Aero Engine cooling technology and materials.
  • Operation in gas temperature and stress levels.
  • Continuous retrofitting Can be used as a mechanical or generator drive.
  • Low NOx and CO exhaust emissions levels.
  • Fuel Flexibility


Compressor for pipeline and other process applications.
Power Generator
Oil Pipeline and Water Injection pump drives
Co-Generation of heat and power

Many existing Gas Turbine Overhaul use an electric motor to start the turbine. This electric motor is powered by mains or adjacent units and gradually increases the speed of the gas turbine

solar gas turbine , Among renewable energies, the sun, as an endless source of energy, has always been in the focus of researchers.

The use of solar radiation energy in conventional power generation systems. such as gas turbines can play an important role in reducing fuel consumption and environmental pollution. On the other hand, this issue increases the efficiency of the desired cycles and improves their performance.

Gas turbine components are in fact a rotating internal combustion engine from the family of turbomachines, which is known in the public mind as the most widely used aircraft jet engine.

Iran has a high potential for using solar energy in power generation systems due to its abundant sunny areas. Solar gas turbine is one of the power generation systems that has been highly regarded by researchers and scholars in recent years.

Many existing Gas Turbine Overhaul use an electric motor to start the turbine. This electric motor is powered by mains or adjacent units and gradually increases the speed of the gas turbine


The Gas Turbine Efficiency works by igniting the difference between compressed air and fuel and passing the product through a series of rotating disks of the turbine, which causes the rotational power of a shaft or creates a driving reaction force or a combination of these two phenomena.

Commissioning Gas Turbine Installing a gas turbine in this power plant, in addition to increasing productivity, will bring many financial benefits by reducing environmental pollution and saving maintenance and support costs.

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