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Solar Turbines Service

Solar Turbines service are comprised of Solar Turbine parts, gas turbine overhaul , field service, flexible service agreements, digital solutions. and technical training in addition to remote web based monitoring and predictive diagnostic capabilities.

Solar Turbines has been an active agent in the field of industrial power generation for about 65 years. Solar Turbines have manufactured and designed sustainable and innovative products for oil and natural gas production.

Solar Taurus are comprised of Solar Turbine parts, gas turbine overhaul , field service, flexible service agreements, digital solutions. and technical training in addition to remote web based monitoring and predictive diagnostic capabilities.A Gas turbine is a specialized rotating engine that has the ability to extract and produce the desired energy from a fluid.

Solar gas turbine

Among renewable energies, the sun, as an endless source of energy, has always been in the focus of researchers. The use of solar radiation energy in conventional power generation systems. such as gas turbines can play an important role in reducing fuel consumption and environmental pollution

Gas Turbine Overhaul and Kian Turbo Tec offers a competitive alternative for gas turbine owners and operators in the overhaul of rotors. Dedicated rotor overhaul engineers offering knowledgeable advice. experience of commercial operation.

Commissioning Gas Turbine Installing a gas turbine in this power plant, in addition to increasing productivity, will bring many financial benefits by reducing environmental pollution and saving maintenance and support costs.

Introduction to MARS 90 Gas Turbine.

MARS 90 has been engineered as a high efficiency, simple-cycle Gas Turbine, Designed for Long-Life Industrial uses with ease of maintenance and durability.
Mars Gas Turbines are in use for:

  • Compressor Applications
  • Generator Applications
  • Mechanical-drive Applications.
Solar Turbine
Solar Turbines Service

Mars 90 Gas Turbine Package Features.

Mars 90 Solar Gas Turbine Support System features:

  • Fuel System
  • Lubrication System
  • Start System
  • Control System

Kian Turbo Tec Services for MARS 90 Gas Turbine

Kian Turbo Tec offers major overhaul of MARS 90 Gas Turbine with high efficiency and services such as:

Pre-Strip down balance and inspection

    • Rotor disassembly
    • Individual blade and wheel coating
    • Latest coating technologies
    • Individual wheel balancing
    • Rotor re-blade
    • Rotor reassembly
    • Rotor Balance and run-outs
    • Rotor Storage containers

Gas Turbine Efficiency

The Gas Turbine Efficiency works by igniting the difference between compressed air and fuel and passing the product through a series of rotating disks of the turbine, which causes the rotational power of a shaft or creates a driving reaction force or a combination of these two phenomena.
Iran has a high potential for using solar energy in power generation systems due to its abundant sunny areas. Solar gas turbine is one of the power generation systems that has been highly regarded by researchers and scholars in recent years.

In these systems, the solar thermal energy is used to preheat the air and the fuel entering the combustion chamber of the gas turbine cycle. The results show that the use of these systems can increase efficiency, save energy, reduce pollution from fossil fuels and ultimately reduce the costs associated with energy production.

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